onsdag 25 november 2009

Started to blog (again).

I've realized I need to start blogging (again). The project I'm working on is all VS2010/.NET4, EF Feature CTP and soon also WCF/WF hosted in AppFabric.

In this blog I'll try to write a bit about problems and ideas we come across during the project and how we solve and implement them.

Stuff that I haven't written about (but might on request) include:
  • Modifications to the EF Feature CTP 1 - Self Tracking Entities types.tt T4.
    Including implementation of
  • How to workaround database-generation bug in EF4 when having set ConcurrencyMode for a property.
  • How to allow for rowversion type in generated DDL from EF Data Model
  • How to overcome incompability between EF Feature CTP1 and EF4 Beta 2 by creating a 'FrankenBuild' of the CTP1.
Hope you will enjoy this blog (and that I can deliver)

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